Lisa Nelson Raabe explores variations in linear application of thread. The execution, seemingly simple and automatic develops in sophistication upon inspection. Each work challenges us to a present sense of subtle visual space, an investigation of systems and patterns, reaching beyond it’s apparent minimalism.

Nelson Raabe’s focus in this series of non-traditional linear works is a pared down, discrete examination of the endless possibilities of systemic concentration. Lines weave their way into consistent shapes becoming irregular forms and spaces within the matrix. As the viewer responds to these repetitive qualities, logical yet intuitive, we are offered an opening into the unexpected.

Linear rhythms within the surface of saturated paper enjoin us like breath entering and leaving the body. Large in scale yet tender and fragile, the work follows her ideas into visible constructions that are translucent, elegant and contemplative. Each work challenges us to a subtle presentness in visual space and form, and an investigation of systems and patterns, extending beyond the initial reading as minimalist.