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    Your Thai Somatic Session is grounded in the ancient hands-on healing of Traditional Thai Bodywork paired with acupressure, biomechanics and sensory awareness training. Select floor or table as you receive a facilitated yoga practice including breath awareness and assistance in postures - side laying, supine/prone, seated, inverted & twisting. Unwind and renew, as you find new ways of feeling great within calm relaxed support. All yoga sessions are fully clothed.

  • Home Practice Sessions offer an individualized approach to sustaining well being. We work together to skillfully reconnect to ease and strength by finding the appropriate practice for you from restorative sequences to strength building and using wall ropes. Learn breathing exercises, build core awareness, find balance & experience profound tension relief.

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    As an Experienced Body-Mind Coach and Credentialed Yoga Therapist, our sessions can focus on releasing a particular area of pain to finding a deep connection to new life energy in your phase of life. Together let’s discover the easiest pathway for you to move and breathe freely, find flexibility, strength and efficient ease in your everyday life.

    Embark on a Somatic Approach to freeing your life energy, skillfully opening from the inside out. Reconnect to ease and strength by learning essential movements to free your spine, improve posture and practice self care strategies.

    Experience a pragmatic path integrating Body-Heart-Mind, and embodying your inherent ability to integrate a strong, flexible & calm life force.

    My practice is informed by 20+ years of clinical counseling, 1500+ hours of yoga, stress release and movement training which includes Integrative Yoga Therapy, Prajna Yoga 500 hr, Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies, Hanna Somatic Education and TRE. I seek to bring awareness, joy and energy always focusing on you as an individual.

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    Individual Thai Yoga & Somatic Sessions
    1.25 hr Individual Session @ $80
    Contact me for In Home Sessions! - $100 (within 10 miles)
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    Lisa Nelson Raabe - Yoga Therapist
    LCPC, E-RYT 500