Lisa Nelson Raabe

I'm intrigued by how materials transform because of saturation, density and opacity, in chemical combinations, with heat and pressure, and especially visually from context and distance. This current work expands beyond my experiments with patina processes and plant dying on Thai papers. Using a variety of dilutions and solutions, I'm exploring how dyes and pigmented glazes respond to surface.

Working with thread has become an essential drawing tool for me. Arabesques, zig zags, and circuitous lines of thread, are sewn into the paper or pinned and adhered to the surface. I often work on both sides of the paper, bleaching, washing, drying and ironing before attaching work to a panel.

These images reflect and cultivate inner calm, insight and with a strong pull toward mandala --centering objects. I hope you find these places within your own heart, to feel ease and joy in the midst of our crazy abundantly informative world.

Lisa Nelson Raabe

Upcoming Exhibitions

SAUK VALLEY COLLEGE -- Between the Lines Nov 2023 -Jan 2024

CARL SANDBURG COLLEGE -- Solo exhibition Fall 2024

JAMES MAY GALLERY -- Milwaukee, WI. Nov - Dec 2024