Lisa Nelson Raabe

Thin surfaces similar to skin, create a barrier, a protection, an edge to the outside while offering a view inside. Visible bits of forgotten fragility, trapped and caught, randomly ordered create a glistening sense of solidity.

After many years as a weaver and textile focused artist, I am continuing to create surfaces which are then reconfigured and fit back into a new kind of wholeness. Current processes are exploring how to layer and assemble intersecting films of pattern, offer new venues for reflective qualities of light.

Is it an the illusion that the unknown moves toward the known? Possibly the actual trajectory is that the known becomes more and more unknown. At least this is what seems to be occurring for me. By working with transparent and sometimes nearly invisible materials, pliable planes of tape, tulle, pigments and acrylic mediums which are sewn, cut and inscribed, hidden images emerge. Works invested in the cultivation of the sense of feeling, of intuitive knowing.

Exploring, describing, seeking a way to find context and meaning are essential in my art making. This act of envisioning makes the unknowable visible though materials and processes. Vision and intent that transcends the everyday, shows me how my mind and heart are balancing inner and outer world events.

Lisa Nelson Raabe has worked as an artist, art therapist and yoga therapist for the past 25 years, delving into the relationships between our bodies, stored emotion, thoughts and memories. As a long time textile artist, much of Lisa’s work has to do with women’s work and the countless repetitive hours spent with handwork, stitch by stitch, moment by moment.

Lisa is currently a graduate student in fine art at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. She lives with her husband, poet and writer Burton Raabe and their cat Zorba.